The Northern Virginia
Trap Rock Quarries

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Virginia has a rich mineral heritage. The Northern Virginia trap rock quarries were a source of world-class apophyllite, prehnite, and stilbite specimens which still rival the newer trap rock deposits in India. The quarries are also the source of a long list of high-quality miniature and micromount mineral specimens, including two type-locality minerals, goosecreekite and loudounite, first discovered and identified in Virginia.
In addition to it’s rich mineral diversity, hosting 87 different mineral species, the Northern Virginia trap rock quarries are critical to the economy of Virginia. These few trap rock quarries have provided aggregate materials supporting Northern Virginia’s transportation and construction sector for decades. This publication combines a detailed review of the region’s mineralogical and geological heritage, including a deep dive into the aggregate industry and its importance in society. Through this industry and mineralogy approach, the publication will be immensely useful for teachers, tourists, collectors, and nature enthusiasts wanting to learn more about Virginia’s mineralogical history. Biographies of some of the most important people involved in mineral collecting in the trap rock quarries and Virginia’s mineral history are presented along with many of their collecting stories, which are published here for the first time.
This is the first publication in what hopes to be a continued series of publications on Virginia’s mineral heritage under Friends of Mineralogy Virginia. Stay connected with the group on social media and join us in our effort to uncover more about Virginia’s mineral resources. Contact FMVA through our website if you need printed and digital resources. We can provide maps, teacher’s manuals and other materials to support your studies and collecting pursuits.

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Photos by Connor Williams