Why should I join FMVA?

There are several benefits to joining FMVA along with membership in your local gem clubs:

  • Mineral focused
  • Engage with organizations across Virginia and become involved in minerals on a larger scale
  • Service & Project driven activities and initiatives with research opportunities
  • All meetings will be shared virtually so you can attend anywhere
  • Team of dedicated experts willing to help you further your knowledge of minerals
  • National Networking Opportunities


Make sure you download the application form and then fill it out and save it before sending or it will delete information.

Joining FMVA

Membership in FMVA includes membership in the national Friends of Mineralogy Inc. organization with all the benefits and news about minerals across the USA. We strongly encourage people outside of Virginia to join as we will have presentations and virtual components that enable participation across state lines.

Dues: Must be paid by February 1st of each year.

**Dues are open! You can pay via Venmo or write a check out to Friends of Mineralogy Virginia Chapter at the address provided on the membership application**

  • $15.00 Individual
  • $25.00 Family
  • $10.00 Students/Kids.
You can email your application to: friendsofmineralogy.virginia@gmail.com

Contact us for Venmo Information.