The Virginia Mineral Project

What is the Virginia Mineral Project (VMP)?

The Virginia Mineral Project is a statewide research initiative tasked with recording and preserving the mineral and mining heritage of the Commonwealth. The VMP produces lectures, documents, and assists the public with questions and information regarding Virginia mineral deposits. The VMP hosts regular lectures for the community, many of which can be seen on YouTube! During COVID-19, the VMP hosted weekly events and gave over 30 lectures for the community. 

The ultimate goal of the VMP is to develop a new Minerals of Virginia publication inspired by R.V. Dietrich. Under COVID restrictions, the VMP has focused on the development of videos and community outreach programs.

Calcite Crystals Lining Fossil Clam Shell, Virginia Beach

What services does the VMP provide?

The VMP provides a number of free services and deliverables to the community:

  • Collection Management & Preservation¬†
  • Lecture Programs on Virginia Mineral Resources
  • Rockhound 101 Course (NEW 2021)
  • Museum Curatorial Assistance & Specimen Identification
  • Personal Prospecting Assistance¬†
  • Community Events & Meetups for Young Mineral Collectors
  • Educational Materials for Teachers
  • Photography of Virginia Mineral Specimens

2021-2022 Update Video

Recent Lectures